We are grief stricken to share the news of Sh Anil K Sharma’s passing away. He left for his heavenly abode on October 14,2021. He was an extraordinary man both personally and professionally, the creator and thought leader behind Contemporary Vibes. He conceptualized the literary magazine to share his intelligence, thoughts and passion with the world in 2005. Along with his wife Winkey Sharma, he passionately directed the magazine for 16 years and turned it into a literary movement with many patrons and was revered in the literary world. His legacy will be carried forward and honoured through his exemplary work at contemporary vibes. The upcoming issue will be dedicated to his memory, musings and the persona he was and still remains. We invite readers, patrons and friends to share their thoughts through their write ups/poems with us at [email protected] at the earliest, but no later than Dec 25,2021. We thank those who have already submitted their thoughts with us. The void left by him can never be filled but this will be an attempt to honour the gracious and courageous life he lived.
Anil K. Sharma



ISSN –0975-1750 AND RNI NO. CHAENG/05/16020


Contemporary Vibes: A Refereed International Journal is a Quarterly published in the months of January, April, July, October of every year. After treading a journey of 16 long years the need for Online Journal publication and uploading the print material became incumbent with the more and more writers and poets across the world desired to contribute online and interact with the free flow of thought which is analytical and innovative in its approach.

The Journal does not seek to thrust its views and neither it is didactic in any sense, it publishes the established writers, editors, thinkers as well encourages the new thought amongst the new-comers, starters and stars of tomorrow. We started with the following message which still holds relevance after 12 years of publication:

 “Almighty has bestowed bounties on earth in the shape of cascades, streams and oceans; breeze, air and wind; fields, forests and planet itself.”

Human beings have not reciprocated in the same manner albeit they are believed to have been created in the image of God or the reflection of Almighty. They are busy in the business of accumulation – may be wealth or power.

The state of drudgery engrossed in exploitive feats of trade and trafficking needs halt- to yield for the blissful state (Anandmay kosh); and it can certainly come through literary pursuits- reading and writing, awakening and thinking.

When your eager eyes fail to spot a good stuff to read- to write- to think; you feel short of something higher, noble and valuable which is besides the Feeding-front (Annamay-kosh ) of life.

Let us strive earnestly a literary journal of your dreams- devoid of cine gossip- pull of politics- frenzy of fanatics.”

We have been receiving and publishing hundreds of letters in letters hive column of the journal since its inception, now onwards be solicit your opinions/ blogs/ reactions/ perceptions and ideation for the welfaire of humanity at large.

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