About Us

Contemporary Vibes began its literary journey in the year 2005 to have collective manifestation of the academics and litterateurs across the globe, to nestle and nurture creativity and humanism with an analytical cradle of mind. Literary journals come and go but the thought of humanism and fraternity never goes if it is coupled with liberty of expression as it goes beyond the realm of geo-political borders. The dynamics of time have proved that Contemporary Vibes has been successfully published with any fail and lapse either in time or scheduled month of publication i.e. January, April, July and October.  We have never been in competition but always preferred to remain in close camaraderie to uphold the aplomb principles of literary ethics and providing space to the talent in wilderness which has stamped it to be different among the equals. We welcome research papers, articles preferably pertaining to all genre of literature in English that includes translations of the highest order containing the substance of thought adorable and laudable in its thought-provocation short of bigotry and fanaticism. It is open to bilinguals to enrich the journal but the medium must be English. All literary submissions have to pass through peer review team before its publication.

This e-journal is mirrored in a strong internet presence and back up data with the details of the references and citations, details of impact factor and readers view and visitor’s data, which should grow over time. First-issue is going to be delivered in First week of January, April, July, October, right from the year 2017. The journal will have a freshness of views, appeal of the masses, layout to be aesthetic coupled with a professional design expertise. The layout template shall have dynamics of appropriate modification, beautification and flow of thought of sublimity. With the commitment to follow the conventions of academic journal style that of typical MLA Styled documents and publications, and that of quality of academics and Impact Factors as per the international standards. Sufficient space will be given for the expression of individual style through external links wherever possible to have mass participation of the academia and readers.